Lex Barrie


Paintings and sketches are metaphorical windows that an artist makes, when no door appears in their life’s journey. When there is no where else to go, no light in any cracks or rainbows around every corner, there is usually a door that we can open to our next chapters. But sometimes, when there is no door, one must be willing to climb out the window in order to feel the fresh air against our skin.

I don’t show many people my artwork, because each canvas I use to make my windows, they all lead to the same place. My soul. The place where my stories lie and where my heart thrives. Here they are though, my own time offer for the world to see what it is I do in my spare time. I open windows. Welcome to my short stories, in colour.




https://alexisbarrie.blog/2019/10/06/remake-project/ *New

https://alexisbarrie.blog/2019/10/07/September *New

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