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“The 27th of each month” by Kaelyn Fan

October 13, 2020

Thank you to those who have come to read this amazing blog post today! It was written earlier this year by my amazing girlfriend, Kaelyn, and is her first blog post to be published 🙂 Please comment below with your thoughts!

There isn’t really anything special about the 27th, except it marks another month closer to my next birthday. Since I had my birthday in lockdown on my own in March, I thought I would do something for myself as a present, as silly as it might seem. I have been teaching Cantonese, my native language, online for quite some time. I decided I wanted to up my game, so I created this 30-day “CantonEase Challenge”, thinking it would be an awesome idea. What the Challenge entails isn’t what I’m going to dive into here. After all, the project wasn’t as successful as I’d like it to be. However, I advertised it online and did hear back from a few handfuls of people.

That was a good feeling if I have to be honest. It’s not about the outcomes, or how many new students I got out of it. It’s about the experience, and what I learnt from it. How I enjoyed the process, the creativity, the wildness. The feeling of fearlessness. I have nothing to lose.

So the next month, I applied for a position at a start-up. In May, I handed in my first ever application for an internship. And by 27th June, I did something else. I won’t go into the details. The idea was that I’d do something I’d never done before. It’s like a little game I play with myself. I do whatever feels right, so there’s no pressure.

And if anyone was wondering, I got more rejections than offers. But it still felt good, because they were like little promises I made to myself – every month I’d do something special, something brave, something that deserves celebrations, for no one but myself, whether I succeed or fail. It’s the mindset that counts, especially in lockdown.

To those who feel like you haven’t done enough in lockdown, it’s okay. There’s still time. To those who’ve been taking a breather, that’s perfectly fine too! Not everyone comes out of the quarantine with something new in their pocket. You’re doing just as great!! If you’re still reading, take care 🙂 xx

art / photo by Kaelyn Fan👻 

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