Lex Barrie


I wake up most mornings to a cool breeze against my cheek and the call of a bird from a far. The sun pokes his head through the window as I reach out and stretch, welcoming his warmth.

In the early hours of the day, nothing says “I can face it” like steam and liquid pouring into an old, cold coffee cup. The trees wave with the wind as I smile and stare out into the oncoming day.

Peace and serenity are a easy to find as a flower waking up into the morning dew and breathing a sigh of relief as the sun hits it’s pedals. It’s as simple, as a bird shaking it’s feathers and flying off into life’s demands.

I shake my feathers this morning, not quite ready to fly away, but getting there slow but sure. I welcome this day with all it’s promises, always ready for more.

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