Lex Barrie


The calmest I will ever be, is when I have paint on my finger tips. The warmest I have ever felt, is when I clean my brushes under scalding water, in between a canvas piece. The closest to connection to my soul and body, is made when my paint hits the palette and I wield …

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The color’s in your eyes are no match for the rainbow’s shine, I am always amazed by how they outsmart the leprechauns and take all the gold. But even with it, never forget, no gold could compare to your smile. For you, are the true treasure.

Body tensing in a new land and hot, fresh bread clipping down the cobblestone. Coffee poured down street drains and buses riding on streetcar tracks. Brick on brick and rocks to rocks fading into the sun with each decade. Clocks chime for noon, as bar stool hit the tiled floors. The river may divide the …

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