Lex Barrie


People say that healing comes with a rising sun, but the moon has always been there for me. To consume me with her beauty in the darkness, her light brings me back the comfort you took away.

When the sun goes down and the scars bleed out the pain, the moon gives me hope and peace.

It understands the silence needed among a million stars, though it doesn’t have to try to burn brighter than the rest. She doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone, an inspiration that I seek.

Flickering candles and flashlights against think sheets, I still can’t go to sleep. For in my mind your shadow creeps and I don’t want to play hide and seek. But the moon shines upon my weary head, forcing emotions to lay to rest.

Yes, the nights are always easier than all the days to come, for I know the moon will guide me back from the unknown.

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