Lex Barrie


To seek the “love of God” is more powerful a statement than the feeling of walking through medieval doors, between walls to keep out hatred and those who won’t succumb.

Built tall and decorated to welcome visitors who had never sinned, their bells ringing to chime out the negativity, to welcome the “saviors”. But we sinners grew tired of the everlasting vows made by God’s keepers to keep those of us out who were different. Who wanted something different.

God is love and love is felt in every being who walks this earth, ingrained in our heart strings, it’s song, endless. That song of love may echo within the four walls, but it is preached louder and farther beyond them.

God never intended to keep anyone out, he meant to show us we did not need those four walls to seek his guidance. God accepted us from anywhere, challenging us to break down those walls built by man, to seek love from anywhere.

I was never denied entry into the four walls of holy love, I rejected it’s boxed up feeling and chose to spread love to all.

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