Lex Barrie


On a road less traveled, I chose to carve a path through the rocks and stones. Between the sharp edges, the blisters, the scars, the pain, I chose to go without shoes. I chose to feel each step, every cut across my skin. But I keep going.

On a road less traveled, I walk along a riverbed. I wonder with each turn beyond the low hanging trees whether I would make it beyond another. With each step I stumble, with each step the water rushes between my toes. It’s cold, it’s alive, it’s inspiring. So, I keep going.

On a road less traveled, I walk alone. The wind whispers my name, calling me back from where I came. But I can’t go. I dare not turn around to see the ghosts that follow in short steps behind me. I breathe heavy, my heart pounding. The fear will never stand in my way again, so long as I keep going.

As day turns to night, I stop and stare at the dark sky above smiling down. I lay my head down to rest on a damp forest floor. Crickets chirp and owls sing, as the moon nods her head to say, “You can do it…just keep going”, lulling me into sleep.

With each passing day, life will hurt, life will whisper, life will make you dream. With each passing day, I will follow my own path and work harder than the last to learn from the past…and to honor the secrets held by next bend in sight.

I just have to keep going.

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