Lex Barrie


The weight of yesterday’s problem should never follow us into tomorrow’s adventures. Otherwise, we won’t get far.

Often times we look back on the past but less to the future and I wonder sometimes if that is because humans need something concrete. The future is something that may or may not happen, while the past has most certainly happened and cannot be changed. Plus, sometimes past memories can creep up on us and make us feel guilty or make our confidence sway.

The future is more exciting of the two. The future is those empty pages at the end of our life’s story. The ones we often try to read ahead of time or the ones we make assumptions of what will someday be written between the lines.

The past on the other hand, like I said, is set in stone. It might not be easy to hear or understand, but the past is gone. It has already come and gone. Even in these few short seconds you take to read this, a portion of your time is already in the past. But it’s not all for nothing.

Think of it this way: the past is a teacher who helps you to correct your mistakes. You do not question the teacher when they try to give advise because you want to learn and understand. Your punishment for being resentful of the teacher is those negative feelings that arise. We do not want these feelings. We want to grow in character and intellect.

The present is you. You make the present and you live in the present. But you also have the power to give that present away to someone else, as a gift. You always have the ability to give up time from your present. Sometimes this is nice, but other times, we want to focus our present on us. Not to be selfish, but to grow into that space as an individual human.

The future is an author. They tell you what can be or what will be, if you follow a certain path. But they warn you that each time you choose a different path, your unwritten story will inevitably change. It is exciting to know that the future can hold so much but it can also cause anxiety if we feel we can never make the right decisions. As an author, the future can guide you through your paths and throw life changing experiences in your way. These experiences help to guide you to the correct path, the one that will bring you the most happiness.

Each part of our story is important, but we have to know when it is time to be taught something, to live in our moments and to decide which path to take. Each moment in life has choices, some harder than others. So just remember that you always have the power to make those decisions and you don’t always have to bring the past with you.

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