Lex Barrie


I had the strangest dream last night.

I was back in elementary school and I had just gotten into a fist fight with a classmate. I was sent outside of the classroom to organize the shoe racks as punishment but everyone kept trampling over me and the shoes, so I had to keep restarting my task.

Sometimes, I like to read dreams as if they were messages. But what does getting into a fight and being trampled have to do with anything?

I have been told many times in 20 years, “if you want something, work for it”. There was never a moment when I expected anything to happen to me by chance. I felt like a lot of elementary school was a fight though. I felt like a lot of high school was a fight too. I felt like no matter what I did I was going to be that outcast. So, I became an internally angry outcast.

Part of me hated anyone I crossed paths with. They would never like me anyway so why should I care? I never really gave friendships a chance because I always assumed the worst.

Deep down though, I knew that I always wanted a good friend. Just 1, I didn’t need any others. As much as people liked to ask me in school, who do you hang out with? Who are your friends? I only ever wanted 1.

Lucky for me in my last year of high school, I found one. And then, in the summer after my first year at University, I found another. But I still never expect anything to be handed to me so I try all the time to work out these friendships so that they stay alive as long as I am.

So what seemed like a dream to me for a long time, just took a little courage to get started and to build. Funny how that works, eh?

I suppose at the end of the day, the dream makes sense. It was telling me to keep up that fight no matter how we feel, but don’t get pushed around. You’re going to get hurt sometimes, but just keep getting back up and keep that courageous fire burning.

Your dream may just come true as a result.

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