Lex Barrie


You ever notice the rainbow that appears when you’re watering plants? Or the feeling in your stomach when you hear a baby laugh? Perhaps you’ve noticed how peaceful the neighborhood looks when all the leaves start changing color for fall?

These may seem like tiny things, but they are the tiny beauties of our world! Humans often take for granted what they have and ignore what’s out there waiting for us to find. Some things in life will not just magically appear because we want them to. There are some things that need a closer look. You ever had someone tell you to stop and smell the flowers? Well today, you’re going to!

Beauty is all around us. Now I know advertising companies have made many of us believe that the definition of beauty is perfection. But nothing in life is perfect! Imperfections are the most beautiful thing because they make us who we are. No body can be more like you or I, then you or I!

Beauty is not always seen though. Sometimes, it has to be felt. But not always by touching with ones hands. If we really want to understand what beauty is, we have to forget others perceptions of it.

So what’s beautiful to you?

Think about it!

What do you find so beautiful on this earth that words can barely describe the feeling?

The ocean is beautiful to me.

Whenever I try to describe it to people I say, “It is a friend. He is always there to greet you with a strong gust of ‘Hellooo’ and a splash to encourage you to play”. The ocean to me, is a small child. One filled with innocence and yet so much wonder. He sees something new and he goes right after it! But he always remembers to hug the land before he goes out with his next tide.

A rainbow is also beautiful to me.

It brightens up any sky after the clouds have had a good cry. It brings back hope and reminds us to love. Love yourselves and your friends, love your families and your life. For there is always a rainbow with a bright spirit awaiting you after a bad time.

Beauty in the world is in the eye of the beholder. So although you might not share the same perceptions as your younger sibling, your perception of it is still a valid one.

So keep trying to find those tiny beauties but remember, sometimes what’s beautiful isn’t right in front of you. Sometimes, it’s just a feeling inside of you.

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