Lex Barrie


I have wanted a tattoo for over a year now, but the hardest part about committing to the decision, is deciding which one I want. I know where I want it to be inked onto my skin and I know that I don’t want the standard black and white sketch. I want a brightly colored, in your face kind of tattoo. Often times I will switch back and forth between a symbol or writing. If I was to do phrase though, it would be this one above.

Since I was a kid, I have imagined what it would be like to dance in a starry sky in the moonlit nights, far beyond the solar system. But it’s not the reason I would want an out of this world quote written across my forearm. No, I have always loved astronomy but it’s the idea of being lost that makes me feel so connected to our galaxies.

Since I was a kid, I knew I was different. I saw the world in a different way and that made me stand. But just because you stand out, doesn’t mean the world will accept you off the bat. More often than not, you become the misfit or the outcast. The main character in Treasure Planet is Jim Hawkins. He is that outcast; he is that misfit. He knew what he wanted though and he fought for it. He wanted to be happy, maybe not to be understood, but to be taught how he can use his differences to be happy.

The first time I ever watched that movie, I knew it was my favorite that Disney had produced. It was labelled as one of the most “underrated films” ever made, because it had so much heart and passion but didn’t always stand out among the big sellers. Even the movie itself can be labelled as a misfit and still come out on top. I am hopeful that it gave clarity to the misfits of this earth who watched it. I hope it proved to them that among the stars, we might be a little lost, but we can still shine in our own way.

So let’s rattle the stars and wear that statement proudly, knowing that we are the misfits who making being ourselves, possible.

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