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Often times we take a happy memory and turn it into a sad thought. How? By wishing that moment had never ended in the first place. The lives we lead were never meant to be held in the palm of our hands or grasped tightly in our fists. Moments were meant to be free and at some point, they are blown away on a passing breeze.

But the happiness those memories give us, that feeling never leaves! And it the one part of a moment that was never suppose to.

For instance, as most of you know, last summer I took a short trip to Ireland and had many adventures in and out of castles, shops and pubs (minus the excess of drinking of course 😉 ). It was a thrilling ride, a real treat…but once the trip was over and it was time to return home, I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay and explore the still unknown territories beyond the green hills that lay before me. To talk to all the locals and learn all their stories. To eat every last meal knowing it would not be my last one for the night. And to dance in the streets under a full sky of stars listening to the ringing of guitars from the street musicians I encountered.

But when I got on that plane and it took off from Irish soil, part of me also knew that I was never truly going to leave. And that someday, I would be back. Even now, I still find I am sharing photographs of the trip with friends and family, trying to relive those moments with them. It’s never truly the same, but I always take an opportunity to share when I can.

I often look back on my own time and wish, even just for a moment, that could go back and stand right beside the ocean and smell the air rolling off the waves. If I close my eyes, the part of me I left behind in Ireland lets me see through their eyes what I am missing most.

It might sound like I long for a glimpse of Ireland (which is 100% true) but to be more accurate a year later, I enjoy the memories just as much. And although sometimes I feel I miss it enough to tear up, I always smile instead. For I know that I was the lucky one who got to take in those moments. And, who got to keep all the memories.

One thought on ““Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” – Dr. Seuss

  1. Linda Hurley says:

    Very eloquently said my dear.

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