Lex Barrie


Let me tell you the story

of why I never wrote again.

It was a clear autumn day,

No wind, no clouds, no rain.

Just enough calm space, for my mind to go array.

My flowers stopped growing,

shriveling with every breath of air I tried to give.

The sun seemingly never set against that pale sky, burning my will to live.

I wound up trying to give up my soul to anyone who might have her for a better home.

She didn’t deserve this.

While trying to find candidates, I relayed her story, revealing my own.

I once read it so fast it was like a hurricane striking,

a bold shot of lighting.

Slow down, they’d said.

Take a breath and relax.

But who’s head did those words spin around in, day by day.

I am just trying to show you that my mind is open for business.

Take what you want,

Because I only know how to destroy.

One by one, all that I had made, was bought and sold.

Better it go, for who knows how long this storm will brew.

That was the day I stopped,

And never wrote again.

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