Lex Barrie



Towering over me, with many hands waving a peaceful “Good Morning” in the breeze, I feel it’s ancient energy. It’s shadow protecting me as I sit beneath, wondering what he has seen in his lifetime, how many hands have tried to understand him. He shakes his head as if to say, “Don’t worry about me, …

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One last time

The wheel on the record player goes round and round, music echoing from every corner of the room, a faint static in the background. Eight songs and two sides seems like it will never end as I watch the motionless pin, glide to every note and tune. The volume dial is turned to max to …

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Flames dance across a war torn sky; the earth is burning and there’s no where to hide. The sun is the devil and I am a breeze that no longer can flow with the wind’s mighty force. We were defeated long ago. Tumbleweeds roll and laughter dies away; death reaps the grasslands and the creatures …

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I wake up most mornings to a cool breeze against my cheek and the call of a bird from a far. The sun pokes his head through the window as I reach out and stretch, welcoming his warmth. In the early hours of the day, nothing says “I can face it” like steam and liquid …

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