Lex Barrie


Four of the seven days throughout a week, I travel to Union station in downtown Toronto. Hundreds of trains, buses and subway cars travel in and out of Union each day, carrying just as many passengers. It’s one of the oldest stations and from the inside, it looks like an old church on steroids.

The ceiling is so tall I feel like a speck each time I look up. To top it all off it has beautiful relief like decoration carved into the stone surface of each wall. And that’s just the old part of the station. The more modern half with all the screens for services, the restaurants in the food court and the platforms themselves, can all be accessed below that.

For a kid, it’s like a huge arena with funny green trains and loads of funny looking people. For young adults, it’s whatever. As long as the train gets them home they couldn’t give two shits. For more “mature” adults, it’s the one time they get peace and quiet since no one really talks to each other anymore. Especially when you are on the train going downtown in the morning.

My, my what a cluster of phones and laptops appear in the morning! It’s like people forgot they had homework and are trying to produce something quick to satisfy their bosses. Part of me wonders how many of their minds are still stuck in “high school mode” where no one gave a shit until they had to. Then again, most of them probably have kids. This fact I gathered from the increasing amount of dark rings under peoples eyes as the step onto the train to find a comfortable seat.

I have noticed the odd person reading a book or sleeping before. A few times I have even seen people playing video games! Which I honestly think is hilarious. I think of my brother every time I find a gamer on the train next to me in the morning.

I personally like to write notes, study said notes, or listen to music. On busier mornings, I prefer to stand rather than sit, since people all seem to squish together like sardines in a tight can. Especially when I take a morning Express train to Union.

I will admit, if you ever wanted to people watch, go on the train. Or just take a seat upstairs in the old half of Union station. You won’t get bored.

Trust me 😂

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