Lex Barrie


The first painting of the broken skull was a present I gave to my manager when she transferred locations. It was her “going away” present. Now I put that in quotation marks because she didn’t leave me long. After three days away from her, I followed her to her new location! She still has the painting. Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes she does love skulls 😉

The painting below it of the mountains was added to my personal gallery in August. It was meant to be my version of a Bob Ross painting but with acrylic paint. In all honesty, I am happy with the way it turned out! Now, I have my own little mountain view from my bedroom wall.

Beside the skull, there is an ocean view painting with a sunset. This piece has actually been done on a wooden plank my Dad brought me back from his work. It had beautiful knots embedded into the surface. So I used them to make the whale in the foreground and the sun in the background. Really, I just highlighted what the wood has already created!

The faded one below the plank is my first graded project for my drawing course at school. We took a trip to the AGO and walked around a section of sculptures. My teacher asked that we pick one sculpture and study it’s contour for 15 minutes. After we left, he told us that we were to go home and draw what we remember of the sculpture. This was my result 😉

The face with the colored hair on the top row is a self-portrait. I like to think that when I draw or paint, I add a little colorful cartoon into the world. This is my interpretation of myself as such! It was displayed just outside the main hall of OCAD U for people to view on Orientation day.

The last painting is the flowery one in the right hand corner. It is a close up of the petals on a Morning Glory (which is a flower that only blooms at sunrise). It was also a graded project that I did for my drawing course. I did it with acrylic and watercolor paint using a tiny fan brush to give the illusion of veins on a flower. I am very proud of it 🙂

(Works for October will be arriving shortly!)

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