Lex Barrie


I never actually posted about how things are going up until now. Well to start off, I am officially going to OCAD University in September. Woo! I will be studying Curatorial Practice for 4 years and earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It will all lead me to working with art and history’s other greatest treasures 😉 It feels amazing to actually have an idea of where I want to go.

Here’s a picture of the school just for good measure 🙂

I also started my driving lessons which is good for me! Oh and I am speaking to someone over the phone from the Ontario Mental Health Association to reduce my anxiety. I would have to say my year off has definitely been fun and meaningful. I wish that I had had the motivation to continue writing on the forum everyday but sometimes we all just need a break. And I took mine.

Even now I am having trouble staying focused. Then again, most of these posts were so cluttered with thoughts that I wasn’t even sure where my focus was half the time anyway! Yup, this year off definitely changed me as a person I think. Things are moving right along as they should be and I am moving with them. I know that I will stumble and fall but I am not as afraid as I was back in grade 12.

On a happier note, I think I am going to start painting in watercolours which is exciting (for me anyway 😉 ), just so I can practice and maybe even get a painting or two out of my system. You never know how it will all turn out. I suppose that is the beauty of life. You just never know.

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