Lex Barrie


I can’t wait to start the third book!

This collection of poem written by Amanda Lovelace was quite inspiring. Before purchasing this short book, I read up on some of the reviews. I had rather enjoyed reading the first book in her women series (titled, “The princess saves herself in this one”), but I wanted to have a quick look at what others were saying in comparison. Many comments left for this book were positive. Many readers felt that it was empowering for women and made many feel stronger. However, there were some women who felt that this collection focused on man-hating rather than empowerment.

Personally, I find those opinions only slightly construed. After having read those comments, I went through with my decision to purchase the book (and pre-order the one following it titled, “The mermaid gets her voice back in this one”). I finished it within a day.

Now, the reason I only slightly agree and disagree with the negative comments I saw was because I felt that 3/4 of the collection was focused on empowerment while the last 1/4 started to drift apart. If you read carefully enough, the first 3/4 talks about women not being put down or being told what they should do, where they should go and who they should speak to. It was about putting down the people who were hating women and treating them unfairly simply because they felt they could.

However, the last 1/4 started talking about poets and how women who wrote poetry would take back their poetry from men. This wasn’t man-hating in my opinion so let me just make that clear. I am not saying that I felt that there was a sense of men-hating going on completely. I simply felt that she was starting to get angry as she was writing, or perhaps not angry but more aggressive. This added aggression might have added to the throwing off of some people by the end of it. I didn’t totally agree with everything the author said by the end of the collection because I felt that men who were poets should be heard as much as women.

I think the author strayed a little from her point by the end and made it appear as though she was going to silence all men.

Nonetheless, I rather enjoyed this second collection in her series. Perhaps not as much as the first, but it was still, for the most part, an empowering second edition to her series for women’s rights and free speech.

Thank you Amanda 😉

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