Lex Barrie


I read a copy of this book with an older cover but I prefer this one so I am using it. Sorry, but also not sorry.

This addition to the Harry Potter series, written by J.K Rowling was wordy but nonetheless an inspiring read. Her creativity in making the world of wizards and witches come to life is nothing but fascinating. However, I find her writing style to be a bit long and drawn out.

Now I am one of those Harry Potter fans that watched the movies before reading the books, which is probably a scandalise thing since I can already feel the tension in my own room growing. I was never exposed to the influx of characters that were included in the novels. That being said, I did actually enjoy the book more than I enjoyed the movie. It almost felt like a let down to read it and then watch the movie back to back.

Although I say the book was a bit long for me, I found that the added detail made the story more exciting. Many more things occurred that made more sense to the story line in the books rather than just in the movies. For example, the ending when Barty Crouch Jr. is caught and then killed by a Dementor. The minister of magic becomes more frightened of Voldemort’s return without the witness present. Plus it makes it look like Dumbledore and Harry are gunning after the minister.

The only other thing that I wanted to make not of was the sections in the book that I felt were a bit drawn out involving the House-Elves. I understood that it was part of Hermione’s character to protect them and try to make them understand their rights as magical beings but it just didn’t seem necessary at the end of the day. I felt that if the book focused more on the three tasks it would have made it a more interesting read.

Having said that though, The Goblet of Fire was and still is my favourite addition to the Harry Potter book series. I am glad to have finally got through it and am ready to move right along to The Order of the Phoenix.

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