Lex Barrie


This first piece is called “Eye of the Tiger”. It was my spin off version of a piece I had taken notice of firstly on Pinterest. It was simply a tiger with one eye staring off into the camera. It inspired this little mysterious creature to come to life in my room.

My kitten has his eye on you 🙂

This second piece was actually done on the last day of December last year. It was inspired by another piece I found on Pinterest. I decided to do my own spin of colour though. I believe this piece screams hope and magic, as a lover is willing to give everything, even the planets, to a person they know.

The real question is, how come she doesn’t need to breathe in space?

I love Halloween. It is the one time of year that no one gives a damn what any other human says and we all just dance and scream our troubles away, dressed as someone else. That’s when I decided to make this piece. I saw a tutorial for it online while looking at similar artworks. So I decided to follow along and got this as a result! It really makes me smile just to see it.

Welcome to the House on Haunted Hill 😉

I have always loved the Ocean and sea life. Whales and turtles are by far my favourite underwater creatures, as they are old and majestic. I wanted a view of it all that I could call my own, so I picked up my brush and here she is! I thought that a whale might be too big to fit, but the turtle added a nice touch that suited the painting well.

Who doesn’t love an “Ocean’s View”?

This was suppose to be an interpretation of Merida from the movie “Brave” but it appears as though I also complete my first cartoony self-portrait. As unintentional as it was, this painting actually resembles me and my mother in many ways. We are confident and shining women who, like most others in the world today, are brave in their own ways.

The blue in her hair is my own twist in the painting. I have always wanted a streak or two of that particular colour.

This painting has a special place in my heart because it not only turned out to be a birthday present for my Nana, but it was also a release. When the darkness blocks out the light, it often seems awful and uninspiring. But to me, it was a release of emotion. The darkness can come in and take over the light, but that doesn’t mean that the light has to stop shining.

It could also be interpreted as a really old and fat tree that just wanted to block the pretty sunset 😉

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