Lex Barrie


These little goldfish sure do love their music. I saw a piece just like this one on Pinterest a few weeks ago and decided it would be fun to replicate it. After all, I love music and I have recently thought that it would be neat to have some fish. Not sure if I will actually get any, but this painting is a good start.

Don’t mind the towel in the background…

I know that I already have a cat but now I have two…and his eye is also on you. We all know the Cheshire Cat. He told Alice which path to go down in Wonderland, although he wasn’t totally clear. He said to a very lost Alice, that if she didn’t know where she was going, then it didn’t matter which path she took. He is imaginative and funny but also a little crazy. Just what my wall needed.

I love the little bit of blue in his fur!

This piece needs no explanation. I am glad they came for a visit though.

Woodstock and Snoopy are always welcome for a nap 😉

This piece is one of the ones I am most proud of. And it all started with an accident. It was an accident that there ended up being a moon inside a moon. It was an accident that there ended up being a little too much of this colour and that colour. I had tried for days to get a simple moon out of this canvas and it wouldn’t have it. So just as I was about to scratch the project completely, I found that nothing is simple when it’s perfect.

Meet the Man in the Moon.

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