Lex Barrie


I just finished watching “The Wild Thornberry Movie” where a young girl named Eliza Thornberry sets off in the jungles of Africa to save a cheetah cub from poachers. Now it might seem strange that a girl quite as young as her would simply run off without any guidance. But the truth is that she was the reason the poachers got the cheetah cub in the first place.

You see, Eliza can talk to animals and as she played with the cheetah cubs on the Savanah, far beyond the safety of the reserve, a helicopter swooped in and took the little cub away.

Now, her powers have conditions. If she was to ever tell anyone she has them, she would lose them. And while treading through the jungles, her sister gets into trouble and Eliza is forced to reveal her powers to save her.

Of course, in the end she gets them back. But only after she realizes that she could save the animals from the poachers without her powers. Simply by listening to her heart and caring for the creatures. She wound up saving a whole herd of elephants at the end of the day!

It just goes to show that there are some powers greater than those given to us. And they are the ones we already have.

It’s willpower, strength, courage and love that conquer the evils of this world. And maybe we can’t all be a Thornberry, but we can sure as hell try and be the best versions of ourselves, no matter the circumstances.

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