Lex Barrie


There is a time and place for everything in the universe. Like that special someone you have been searching for? They’ll come along eventually. Yeah, I know that sounds like an empty promise but there it is.

Trust me, it’s better not to rush things. Let everything play out.

Or maybe you are trying to find your dream career. Well, chances are you already know what it is. You just have to accept that your passions could lead you down a multitude of roads.

And one of them, has the words “Dead End” painted across the street sign.

Hey, we all end up there eventually. It really depends how far you are willing to go. Because at the end of every road there is a ray of light that will guide you back to the start of a new adventure.

In other words, go down that road. Keep trying and it will all be worth it.

How about trying to get into that top university? Or moving out? Getting your first job?

Each of these stressful times seem bleak, but if you wait them out, you’ll make it to the other side.

And eventually, depending on how far you choose to go, you’ll find that light at the end of the tunnel.

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