Lex Barrie


Does anyone ever notice that there are certain animals that are always depicted as “bad”? Take wolves for example. They look scary, but it’s all a matter of perception. Dogs are descendants of wolves and dogs live in the house with you! Little wolves are running around us every day. We just put them in fluffy pink coats and have their pictures taken while feeding them from a golden platter. 

And then there are other creatures who are depicted as kind who aren’t that way in reality. Take Hippos for example. Did you know they eat people when they get too close? People have died by accidentally getting too close. Then again, you really should never get to close to any creature. 

Look how cute they are!

Even humans get agitated. I suppose we all have a little wolf in us 🙂 

I just think it’s funny that we aren’t taught exactly what is safe and what is dangerous these days. Things look cute, but they really aren’t. Did you know even Panda Bears can be dangerous? They look cute and cuddly but they will attack you when given the chance. 

Did you know as babies, Panda Bears are as small as gerbils? Bats looks very similar to them. They are small and slimy like most babies are. 

The point is, we should all always look into something before we make the assumption that it’s safe. Humans are very much the same as other animals in this predicament though. 

Always make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Not all is as it seems!

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