Lex Barrie


I read an article that said all Canadian radio stations were discontinuing the playing of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” for the MeToo movement. I understood when I heard that they were going to do it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on a song firstly and I think I can safely say that the decision was made based on how people were taking the song. I am sure that the person who wrote it never meant for it to sound the way that it does. 

But like I said, it is a matter of opinion and how you take the song. 

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable. 

Caroling should be a happy thing!

My favorite songs during the Christmas season are “The Christmas Shoes”, “The Christmas Song” and “Grown-Up Christmas List”. They make me think about what Christmas really means. It’s about loving what you have and those who are around you. It’s about being a kid again when life gets stressful. There are some things in life that make us happy just to be alive. 

So maybe there is one less song on the radio this season, but it doesn’t matter. Because the important thing is that it makes people feel better. Maybe it doesn’t means anything to some, but it means more than anything to those who are suffering emotionally day in and day out. 

Remember that the next time you think about the Christmas season. There are more important things, then a song. 

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