Lex Barrie


I woke up this morning to greet my beautiful mom talking on the phone. She was a little sickly but I am sure she will make a full recovery by tomorrow! She has her medications and her water and her boogie rags and a bag so I guarantee she will be okay. 

But anyways, I saw something super cool on the news today. The AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) has decided to purchase a room of infinite mirrors to hang as an exhibit. I have never been inside the AGO but I would to one day. The exhibits they have in their rang from Canadian collections to Indigenous clothing. 

It truly captures history in a creative and colourful manner. It’s funny how art is viewed as something so unimportant to the older generations. There were so many parents who have stopped their kids from entering the choirs or doing theatre, just because they think it’s of no use to their kids. How about the ability to express oneself? Isn’t that important? 

Crayons are a fun and simple way to do art! Everyone loves colouring 🙂

You can’t possibly say no. Even in careers like Business, Teaching or Medical research, an individual needs to be able to express their opinions and decisions to a wide variety of people. Art isn’t just for show. It’s a way of life for most people. 

Remember that the next time you think it would be unimportant to cherish the works of the past. If we don’t, they will fade away with the rest of history. I think that’s why they decided to make the exhibit of infinite mirrors. So that we could go in and see history looking back at us. The eyes of our fathers and the smiles of our mothers. 

History is in each of us. We just have to take the time to look in the mirror. 

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