Lex Barrie


You know what’s scary?

Okay this one is pretty, but seriously what’s up with other eyes? 


Eyes have this weird ability to be the most beautiful and yet still the scariest things a human could ever see. They might not be able to shoot laser beams and kill, but you can still feel it when they are on you. 

Even when you think that you are alone. Suddenly you get a chill up your spine that says, “Hey by the way, I’m watching you”. 

Like I said though, they are also the most beautiful things a human could look into. They are colourful, playful and bright. You could look into a pair of eyes and find your soulmate. It’s true! 

But enough of that sap. The truth is, there is a pair of eyes on me right now. And no, they are not my own. They belong to a little wooden creature who has a cape and a cap. He stand next to another who shares his name. 


The one I am referring to has black eyes with white pupils. And they are staring right at me. Who thought it would be a good idea to paint eyes like that onto a nutcracker? 

I don’t like it. Not one bit. His friend kind of looks drunk so at least the artist knew that would be cute. I don’t know about the other one though. He looks possessed or something. 

Pardon me while I leave the room. 

Did you get that chill? Don’t worry, it will come. 

Cause when you feel it, it will be your nutcracker just sitting there staring at you. 

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