Lex Barrie


Do you ever sit there are wonder what it would be like if all our childhood dreams came true? I mean most of our dreams as little kids were just for fun and a few laughs from our comrades. But seriously, if you have never taken a second to think about it, do it now! What was something you always wanted as a kid? 

I always wanted my toys to come to life. A real Toy Story, you know? I wanted them to come to life or at least bring me into their world. Where all kind of toys would come to life and play all day. I would never have to talk to any humans. No judgement anywhere you would go and you could always make friends. 

But something else I always wanted was to see mystical creatures come out of the woods. My uncle used to have this really cool cabin out in the middle of nowhere, where all you could see for miles was trees. You could a pin drop. It was so peaceful that I would sometimes imagine little elves or sprites jumping out from between the bushes, looking for something to do. 

What do you think would happen if society saw this in it’s backyard?

I also used to see dragons flying over head. 

Could you imagine what society would do if they though dragon were real? 

I’m not talking about Komodo Dragons that crawl on the beaches or lay in the sun. I mean like Pete’s Dragon. Big and fluffy and able to fly. 

Imagine it. Your childhood dreams coming true. If you had only one wish, what would yours be? 

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