Lex Barrie


Now wait a minute before you skip over this page! This isn’t just a story about some sniffling or even some dried up old tissue boxes lounging in the corner of a room. No! This is about a silly little child who was sick and tired. One would dragged their feet and has gone from their bed to the couch for the last three days, carrying the same old bag of crumpled and used tissues with them so they all stayed in one place. 

Also known as me. 

Poor little teddy bear 😦

I got sick. 

But I am better. 

Except that I did do everything that I just said. 

I dragged an old bag of tissues with me so all my sickness ended up in one place. My parents sort of made fun of me in a nice way. They would tell me how nice it was to see me in the mornings and to hear my plastic bag of tissues. “Ah the sweet sounds of Lex and her tissues in the morning”, as I recall. It was all to make me laugh though so it was okay. 

My dad made me soup and my mom made me tea. I had a bath and then I took a nap or two. But I am better now. Still tired and feeling off, but I can breathe out of my nose again! And you will be glad to hear that I have left my rags behind! No one plastic bag of tissues for me. 

Ah, the sweet sound of my lungs working again. Now that, is a sound I like to hear 🙂 

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