Lex Barrie


I know, I wrote about sickness and now I am writing about stupid allergies. But hear me out for just a second because this isn’t your usual cough, cough, sneezing kind of allergy. It’s a skin allergy. One that I have had since I was a kid. 

I am allergic to scented soap, hand creams and sanitizers. Which means no candy cane scented anything for me at any time in the year. Even fabric softeners bug me if it isn’t a usual one. It’s hard now a days to find stuff for sensitive skin, since everything smells. 

I was at work the other day when my manager was there. Since she manages two stores, she only sees us twice a week. But the one day she was there, she went to the store and bought some hand soap for the store. 

I had mentioned to her that I was in fact allergic to the soap she was originally buying, so she told me she would find something else that we could all use. She went out and about 5-10 minutes later came back with a big bottle of soap that she said I think that she got on sale. 

Now, my manager is a very busy woman, with a lot on her mind and I don’t blame her when she makes a mistake. I just kind of laugh at her and move on. So when she came back into the store to show me the bottle of soap, the first thing I noticed on the bottle was that it was orange scented. And, from the Dollar store. 

What an adorable soap!

I couldn’t use it. 

She looked at me and then looked at the bottle and shook her head, vowing to go back out and buy some more soap that I could use. She never did, but it was fine. I just think it’s funny that there are so few affordable products for sensitive skin around. 

Let me know if anyone finds some, I’ll let me manger know where to look 😉 

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