Lex Barrie


You know what the cutest thing is? Seeing little kids in fancy clothes. It’s that time of year when toddlers are running after that man in the red suit with a white beard. They sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas with their cute little faces all covered in sticky candy cane syrup. They all has big little cheeks with rounded eyes and tiny fingers that could rip out all your hair instantly if you weren’t careful enough. 

Kids are adorable. And it doesn’t help that the Santa they have in the mall this year, would make you start believing in the big man himself all over again. He might have a pillow or two shoved up his shirt, but his eyes how they twinkle and his dimples are merry. He smiles at everyone that goes by, not just children every now and again. 

He sits in his chair usually though, at the center of his huge white sparkly castle. It even changes colour to add to the magical effect. Yup, the mall really go all out when it comes to making kids believe in Christmas. 

Parents do the same though.  

How cute is this!

You’ve seen the effort mother’s make to have their kids take pictures with Santa. They put their kids on his lap and try to make them smile as big tears roll down their tiny rolls. They probably spent all day just getting them into their outfits, just to get in the car, drive all the way there, just to listen to them cry about their leaky diapers or scream about not being in their mother’s arms. 

I saw three really good kids though. One was probably no more than a year old with a little black suit on. He was sitting next to Santa on his big comfy chair, staring into the camera like it was a golden light. Santa smiled and made sure the baby didn’t fall over as the camera flashed. 

Another was a little girl with a checkered dress. She ran towards Santa with a happy look on her face while her parents brought up the rear. 

Last but not least there was a baby sleeping in his little carriage with a little fedora and dress shoes. He probably didn’t even know that Santa would be waking his up in a few minutes. I just had to put that in because it made me laugh. I felt an emotional connection to that little fancy pants. 

I saw kids in their pajamas, in suits and ties, dresses, regular day clothes, heels, cowboy boots and hats, etc. 

But those three were my favourites.

So merry Christmas to the little fancy pants’ and their families for bringing me that little bit of holiday joy. 

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