Lex Barrie


If all I had in my life was my family, Disney movies, an education and the ability to travel anywhere, then I would be happy. I know that getting older means more to think about and more to deal with, but I like to think that in an alternate universe, the only things that matter are the things that make us happy. They would be the only things we’d need to survive besides our basic water, food and oxygen. 

Now as much as my family means to me, Disney movies are a close second. I would watch them all the time if I could. They inspire people to follow your dreams and never give up. Working for a company that shows kids that there is more than just their electronic devices and screens would be the best job ever. 

I have talked about Disney movies before but I am spending 30 minutes  watching a countdown of the best Disney songs of all time. Firstly, Bare Necessities was listed as number 29 which was a little discouraging. I felt it deserved better. I am pretty sure a Lion King song will be number 1, but that’s just my guess. “I’ll Make a Man out of You” from Mulan was number 8, which also kind of shocks me, but at least it made top 10. 

Oh my god “Circle of Life” wasn’t number 1…in was number 6. 

Now I really am confused as to who will win. 

Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Even “Wish Upon a Star” didn’t win! It’s number 5! That song is literally Disney’s theme song! 

I would like to point out that this is an official list based on the academy awards and nominations. 

Okay, “Reflection” from Mulan being number 3 makes me happy. I love that song. Oh, “Colours of the Wind” was number 2. That’s fair. 

I am so making my own list after I figure out what number 1 is. I am starting to doubt this list. Oh and number 1 is…

“Beauty and the Beast”.


Not only was “Beauty and the Beast” number 1 in awards won but “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” from the Lion King tied with it! It tricked me 😦 

I knew The Lion King would be in first place. I just knew it. 

Anyway…what was my point for this? 

Oh right, that this is all that I need in life. Disney and of course family.

Can’t forget about them 😉  

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