Lex Barrie


I was sitting in my Nana’s living room this afternoon watching a Christmas movie marathon and suddenly had a craving. For something sweet and sugary and warm to help me get through the rainy weather. So my mind wandered for a bit as I thought about the collection of treats sitting in the kitchen just waiting for me to go in and grab. Then, it came to me. 

Chocolate. And not just any kind of chocolate. Hot chocolate. 

That gingerbread man is so cute!

So I boiled the kettle, poured it into my snowman cup and started to drink the lovely contents. At first, it tasted like sweet water, so I added more of the hot chocolate powder. That’s when I finally got the taste I was looking for. It slide down my throat in such a satisfying way. I have no other way to describe it except by simply saying, “Ahhh”. 

So I’d like to give thank to hot chocolate for it’s existence and ability to release all our negative energies. Thanks you sweet hot drink for always being there and I hope I can always rely on your love 🙂 

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