Lex Barrie


As I wrote this title, I was suddenly brought back to my grade 10 English class when we read “Catcher in the Rye”. The main character’s name is Holden and he is confused and lost in life. He wasn’t quite sure what he was doing and that made the story a bit hard to follow at parts. It’s definitely a book that gets you thinking. In all honesty though, it wasn’t meant to be the theme of todays post. Just a side thought. 

But have you ever heard of a show called The Golden Girls? It’s about 4 women who live together in their 60’s. They are all mothers who have finished raising their children, and who have either lost their husbands or got divorced. It’s about family among friends and love with the people who are around you. It truly is golden. 

I wouldn’t recommend the show to kids, since a lot of the jokes are sexual or rated M for Mature. I appreciate the humor though, even if there are jokes I still don’t totally understand. It teaches you about life and living on your own. It sort of inspires you to grow into your own skin and accept what you have. It shows you that love is just as important as those that give it to you and that we are all humans who make mistakes. 

Four lovely ladies eating a cheesecake!

Rose is the absentminded one, who tells stories about her home town that no one understands. Dorothy is the divorcee who is badgered by her ex-husband almost ever episode. Blanche is the “vibrant” and “young” one of the group who gets in and out of relationships and one night stands better than anyone. Sophia is Dorothy’s mother and the most sarcastic women in the world. 

The show is indeed, golden and brings a smile to your face. But only if you are willing to try and understand the limit of the humor. I would recommend the show to anyone looking for some fun-loving characters and a whole new group to add to your family. 

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