Lex Barrie


Sour little creatures that kind of resemble baby boogers. Will you ever eat another olive after that? I will! What about pickles? Long green sticks with wart like bumps. I am still going to eat them. Maybe some mushrooms? Plastic squishy top hats that come out of the dirt. 

You ever wonder what it’s like to think of things from a different perspective? Sometimes things look dull and bland, other times they look fun and excitable. Olives are just one of the many examples. 

Vegetables aren’t just good for you, they’re fun too! 

Try thinking about something that angers you in this way. Maybe it’s people talking too much or maybe it’s a messy house. Think of it in a different way. Put it in a different light. Take the messy house example. 

Even if it looks a little messy, it looks lived in! 

If we look at things in life from a different perspective, life will be so much brighter 🙂 

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