Lex Barrie


I’ll be honest, I am not sure what my theme for this post is. My mind started circling like a wild vulture waiting for an idea to prey on. But nothing came to mind. I sat here staring at the screen. I even looked up “what to write about on a daily basis” which is something I never do. I just feel like I am lost in a creative minefield. Where all the ammo is hidden far beneath the sand.

I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to music. I forgot my grandmothers name. I forgot what I was suppose to be remembering. But I suppose, as humans, we all feel a little out of it sometimes. 

There are so many things I want to talk about but then again, none of them seem worthy of writing a post about them. I tired throwing my music back on to drown out the background noise, but nothing is working. I feel distracted. And as a distracted human, I am going to make myself a tea and go find something to bring my overall mood back up. 

Don’t worry he is not sad, he is just a little confused. He will be okay.

Until next we meet.   

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