Lex Barrie


I went by my great-grandmother’s house this morning to help her and my aunt put the Christmas decorations up for the rest of the year. While I was there though, I came across a box of stuffed animals with Santa hats. This might seem normal to some people but to me the whole thing was a bit off. The bear didn’t look like the other ones that went on the tree. So finally my aunt looked at me and said, “Oh, that’s a Build-A-Bear! It goes on your grandmother’s bed.” 

Little stuffies all in a row.

The reason I thought it was off, was simply because it reminded me of the stuffing filled creature that I made as a little girl. It wasn’t until after my aunt mentioned to me that that was where it was from that it all came back.

The machine filled with stuffing and the clothes hanging on their little hangers lining the walls of the tiny cramped store. You had to name the bear and give it a heart. That was the part I remember best. 

The store smelt new and along the first long wall, there was the little fluffiless creatures laying in bins. I picked a monkey one cold afternoon and I made him a princess outfit to wear. I slept next to him every night and told him the stories I would some day write out on paper. 

He was my friend for the longest time. 

I walked by a Build-A-Bear store recently in the Oshawa town center. I saw a Pikachu and a Toothless stuffy and I wanted them both. I couldn’t describe to you the level of cuteness. It was definitely off the charts.

Someday I will go back there and add to my collection of animals. There is nothing more special than seeing the bright eyes of an inner child as they hold their teddy bears.

Once I pulled the teddy bears out and walked out into my grandmother’s room, I could feel the warmth of the light glowing in my head. The memories all flooded back to that little kid and her sweet little Build-A-Bear. 

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