Lex Barrie


The twinkling lights and the aroma of vanilla candles. Welcome to my Nana’s house on the 17th of this beautiful month. Her tree was trimmed and her stockings were hung by the China cabinet with care. She had a stick in her back pocket to ward me away from my gifts (which were being harboured in the spare bedroom) and A Christmas Toy playing on the T.V. 

This is TOTALLY what my house looks like on Christmas, what about yours? 🙂

I spent Saturday night at my Nana’s watching a marathon of Christmas movies and listening to the old gossip of my family and their ex-friends. Which, I am not going to lie, left a sour taste in my mouth. On Sunday night, my Nana came back to my house with me to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. He cooked ribs while we put up the decorations at my house. 

Yeah I know, there’s a lot of that going around recently. 

I watched as things were placed in multiple places and moved from them a few seconds later. Then I watched boxes come upstairs and go back downstairs. It was sort of chaotic but we all made it out alive. 

I posted a picture of it all when I was done on Facebook. It was just as chaotic but in a more beautiful sense. Nothing could have made me happier. Except maybe watching Winnie the Pooh’s Christmas on the T.V. 

Which we did. 

Christmas decorating seems to be our speciality this year for my Mom, my Nana and Me. There’s just nothing quite like it, seeing Chistmas trees go up and watch the houses be decorated in preparation for that one day a year. 

The day St. Nickolas comes 🙂 

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