Lex Barrie


We experienced some technical difficulties on the blog this morning, ones that were resolved quite quickly. Much faster than I had anticipated I will admit. I will make sure to read the fine print of all updates from now on. 

For now though, we should have a little fun. 

There are some new features that I want to try out. 

  • Now we can do lists 
  • Like this 
  • Without 
  • Any issues 

And Headings! 

Some of the most beautiful things in life are not seen or heard, but felt with the heart. 

– Helen Keller 

Oh and maybe a quote or two being brought into the lime light. Now we have access to Spotify from these pages and just to be quirky…

A cover picture for the best of times! 

Tomorrow marks 100 days of this blog and the beginning of another path down the yellow brick road. I am not guaranteeing anything will happen but maybe these blogs will get just a little bigger. 

I am looking forward to it, aren’t you? 🙂 

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