Lex Barrie


“For the world we’re gonna make…” – The Greatest Showman

Each night we fall asleep with that dream laying deep inside our hearts, waiting to come out. It sits and waits, hoping that one day we will release it to be seen by the world. But what if the world doesn’t want to see it? That’s the hard question every dreamer must answer in order to move forward.

The answer to the question depends on whether you care what other people think.

Of course you do. No matter how long you sit there and ponder, no matter how long you pace and wait for the answer to come into the light. You do care.

Denying it, prevents the inevitable.

A million dreams lie within our hearts and we wait patiently each day for someone to come and ask us about them. But no one does. Because no one knows they exist until you unlock what keeps it all shut away.

Maybe you claim to have no dreams, no wishes, no feelings of motivation to continue the path you have taken in life, because you feel like you are climbing that never ending mountain. But they are in there, somewhere. You’re just needing to search.

Toddler you had dreams. Maybe they wanted to be a truck driver. Maybe they wanted to be a princess. Maybe they wanted to be a grown up. The simplest wishes that we made with our sticky hands held tightly together to pray for beside our beds tiny beds. Those are the dreams we need to try and recall.

They were the beginnings of a life worth living. You just have to be willing to let it all go and open them up to show the world.

It will be hard. It will hurt you. But that’s no reason to not follow through. If you feel you gave up once, then get back up on that horse and try again. Work for it, then some day soon, you will have the chance to show the world those dreams of yours.

Create the world you want to live in, even if it’s hard. Don’t make yourself unhappy by doing it though. Enjoy the journey. And live freely in the riches of your success, in a world you’re gonna make 🙂



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