Lex Barrie


Before anyone gets any ideas, there were no real snakes in the making of this blog. I was sitting with my mom watching Criminal Minds and I looked over at the window for a moment of light in the darkroom. But then suddenly I see movement.

You know, normal people would probably either run away, jump up to avoid whatever it is or maybe just stare at it in shock. Me? I pretended it wasn’t there and kept typing these words. Truth is, I thought it was a snake. A little black snake slithering around on the hardwood floor. But it wasn’t a snake.

After a minute, I looked over at it again just to solidify what I thought I was seeing and it turned out to be nothing like what I was imagining.

It was a sock. On my mom’s foot.

My mom has the habit of shaking her foot up and down at random. I do it too.

In other words, I have discovered a new breed of snake.

They are called Socks and they live on people’s feet. Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you.

But they will try to trick you.

Don’t be fooled by the wild Socks.

Good luck.

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