Lex Barrie


Technology has been the one thing that never gets old in todays society. It’s all about how has the latest phone version, who has seen the latest post on Snapchat or how ever that works. Yup, technology has officially and sadly, taken over our lives. Every person you speak to has something pressed to their ears or glued to their eyes.

The malls are crowded with them.

I am not sure if there is a name for people like this, who can’t live without their phones. It’s probably a phobia in the new edition of psychologists weekly.

Let’s look a todays youth.

What sad and sorry creatures kids are these days. They whine and cry like normal, but the thing that makes them different from now and then, is that they are given screens to distract them from their parents. Because it’s not their job to make their kid behave. It’s their phone’s job. You can’t tell me you don’t understand.

Let me bring the subject into the light a little more. If you went up to a kid today, just any kid, do you honestly think that they would be able to tell you what a phone booth is?

Do you know what a phone booth is?

If you don’t, it’s that thing you used to put a quarter in to make a call. You used to talk to an operator who would forward calls for you. Some booths today still require you to but in a dollar for every three minutes. What? You didn’t know they were still around?

Now you know.

The point is that humans have changed and sometimes we think of it as a good change but sometimes I worry it’s not as good as we think.

Seriously though, next time you see a kid, ask them. Ask them what it is.

I dare you 😉

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