Lex Barrie


Ever have those ads pop up on your phone or computer that say, “Hey, I am in danger and you might not be able to use me for any purposes over the next several hours while I reboot! Oh my god I think I’m dying!”

Yeah, so?

That’s my usual response, with a quick beep bop of the controls telling it to shut up. It feels good really. Showing technology whos boss before it over throws us. In a hundred years, I might have broken a series of laws regarding death of a virus, but for now no thanks.

I do wonder though why humans give in to so many of these jokes. But I suppose if it freaks you out enough, then you would do whatever is necessary to get rid of what was trying to attack your hardware. I get it. I had to call a tech service last night in order to delete an order that I punched in that wouldn’t leave the screen on my work computer.

I was on the phone for half an hour and like I said to my manager, that was actually a lightening fast pace for them. It was shocking really. But that’s the other thing with these techy people. There are so many ways to fix a single problem and yet none of them seem fast enough to actually do anything.

That’s where the ads come in. They scream, “fast service” and “low cost” but what the fine print reads is another story. So thank you computer for warning me about your dying spree, but I think I will take my chances.


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