Lex Barrie


I am not a lazy person, but on specific days of the week when something has tired me out, I like to take a day of nothing. This does include the following, I do nothing, I say nothing and I mean to continue doing nothing until my motivations comes back to me in a surprising wave of hurrays and yippies.

Because nothing is easier than allowing everything you worked for to once in a while fall to the floor in a pile of dirt. You feel like it means nothing to you, but later you will be trying to wash away the memories of how many potato chips you ate over the crumpled up ideas of your life.

Wow, that sounded depressing. Basically all I am trying to say is that, although giving up is not a good way to live ones life, taking a well deserved break is essential.

Because there is nothing more easy than doing nothing.

Everyone has dreams of where they want to be when they get older. For me, as long as I am surviving in this jungle of drama and discourtesy, I think that anything that comes into my life making me a better person or brings me happiness is well worth keeping.

So yes, if you are asking me if my dream in life revolves mainly around me getting through it without the slightest regret then you would be the one winning the shiny car on Wheel of Fortune.

But like I said, nothing is so easy so many humans allow themselves to get caught up in the very nature throwing their lives away because they can. For those that don’t want to give up and are trying to make themselves happy, but physically cannot, that is a different story. Because they have the choice to give up or say get out of my way I am here and I am ready to play the game of life.

They made the choice. Others didn’t. Others gave that choice to the world. Now, let me get something very clear for a second. I am the kind of person who goes with the flow of the day, guided by the winds of change. But at the end of the day, I know that planning is probably more beneficial to me than waiting for the wind to start learning English and telling me my prophecy.

I am here trying to make a choice, a plan, ready to play that chess game, since you know, my life literally depends on it. Yes, I will lose some games and people will tell me that I shouldn’t continue to play but that didn’t stop those who actually succeeded. It didn’t stop those who actually tried and were buried 6 feet down and still clawed their way back to the surface for air.

No. It didn’t stop them. And it won’t stop me.

But then again…nothing is easier than doing absolutely nothing.


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