Lex Barrie


Although I would love to eat ten more cookies, I really need to know when to quit. Then again, it’s Monday. I need something to lift my spirits.

My aunt Linda and I made sugar cookies to mark the beginning of Christmas, since we have decided not to put up any decorations until after Rememberance day.

It seems wrong to do it before. Like the idea of remembering veterans who have died is a side option that no one cares for anymore.

Just remember next time you think about Christmas, that you wouldn’t be putting up your tree freely if it weren’t for our men and women across the seas, dying and fighting a never ending battle.

Sorry if that puts a damper on your mood.

But because my family does enjoy the feeling of Christmas every once in a while, we bake cookies and think of the happy season.

I have eaten 4 already. And that does not include the ones I will be eating later for dessert after dinner.

But I could eat so many more. They were delicious.

Other than cookies, the only other thing being counted down are the amount of days we have left on this blog. 100 days is around the corner. I can’t believe it’s been that long.

So wear your poppies, bake a little something and remember to follow along for the count down of the next ten glorious days of blogs.

Happy Monday everyone!

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