Lex Barrie


My dad and I were sitting on the couch watching tv after a hard days work. We threw on whatever we knew we could both tolerate to watch over the course of the next several hours since we knew that neither of us were in the mood to channel surf. We chose AFV.

Basically if you’ve never seen America’s Funniest Home Videos, you’ve never had the pleasure of laughing at other people’s stupidity or down right ridiculous home videos. One of them was a little kid singing with his mother, except the kid couldn’t speak. He just made a funny sound that almost made it seem like he was singing the next lyric. To be fair, he was only 2 and making sounds for his fellow church goers who thought he was adorable. He probably could have thrown up and the whole audience would have cried out in delight.

The funniest videos are the ones where kids are smarter than the parents. This one family was having a party with a chicken piñata where all the kids start whacking it trying to grab the candy. Well, it only takes a few whacks before the piñata snaps in half and both halves fly in opposite directions. Somehow everyone ran after one half, while one little girl was smart enough to run after the lonely half that wound up having all the candy in it. She was also smart enough to run for the hills with her chicken when her brothers and sisters and cousins found out the horrible truth.

Yes children learn to fly and parents cry a little more as they watch these videos of their lives going by. Dogs attack their own tails, Dads fall off the roofs into big piles of snow. Yup these are the lives of Americans on the big screen. And who knows? Maybe those kids are all grown up and haven’t changed a bit!

Then again maybe they are hiding under their beds wishing they were buried in 6 feet of dirt. Either way, it’s pretty funny at the end of the day.

Some things just never change.


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