Lex Barrie


It’s my uncle’s birthday today but it’s getting to that time of year so we’re gonna say it’s our Christmas dinner with the family.

That’s what it feels like. Nothing is more special than my family together. Bad words are spread far throughout the land and stories of work and bosses being stupid sucks up the rest of the oxygen.

Some guy is singing on the TV and although I do feel bad not knowing their name, but I am not really paying attention. I am eavesdropping left, right and center.

Now we’re playing cards. Some people aren’t sure what they are doing, which makes the while thing that much better to watch. The cooks are in the kitchen walking around each other in a frenzy of sweet smells and vodka. It’s a beautiful thing.

We almost had a legal dog fight but one dog was taken home before it was too late. We’ve been snacking since dawn, waiting for a glorious roast to emerge from the depths of the oven.

Some people are sleeping, since it’s that time of the day. But all in all, there’s action in every part of the house.

Yup it’s about that time of the year. So when the family gets together, you know it’s basically here.

Merry early Christmas everybody.

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