Lex Barrie


My dad and I usually exchange good morning texts during the week, since I never see him before I get up. Today he wished me good morning, casually calling me a little pickle. Usually he calls me an owl or a wiggly worm but I guess he was hungry. So I laughed and replied that if I was a pickle then he would have to be a pickle too.

Cause you know, pickles have tiny pickles, it’s only natural.

He told me that we were therefore pickle buddies, so I came back with a little laughing face and a “we’re so dilly”.

Get it? Dilly instead of…oh never mind.

The point is that we were very caught up in our joke. Why, even when he picked me up from work I told him he was a kind little pickle as a thank you. To the majority of humanity, this might seem strange. In fact I think it’s unusual and these kind of remarks are second nature under my roof.

So I don’t blame you.

But this is the relationship that I have with my parents, not just my dad. My mom often lifted her arms up in the air and wiggles them around when I enter the room. Of course, I do it first. My mom probably would never have started doing that without me having come into the world.

No matter what roof you are under though, or what kind of texts you exchange when you are far apart, everyone has their own quirky sayings or inside jokes.

I suppose you could say, we’re all a little dilly 😉


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