Lex Barrie



This is our ofrenda. As I mentioned on Facebook, an ofrenda is a shrine dedicated to our loved ones that have crossed over. I said a month ago that I wanted to celebrate Day of the Dead and here is the proof that the goal was fulfilled. We spent the night eating Spaghetti, handing out candies to little kids and wearing costumes for fun.

It case any one was wondering, I was a magician. The reason I wanted to dress as such was because it meant that I could “magically” be anything I wanted if I decided to change my mind. Except I kept telling people that I only do card tricks…

But never mind that. My parents and I had a wonderful night. We watched all the Halloween episodes of Roseanne. We soon realized as we got later into the series that the episodes got weird so we tried scary movies instead.

When 9o’clock rolled around, the kids stopped coming and we started to flip through many channels and watching the commercials that came with them. The room smelled of sweet candles and buttery pasta sitting in the pots with sauce. The pictures of our relatives shone brightly in the light of the room with mezcal sitting in the background.

DSC_0330   DSC_0329


A couple days earlier, we carved our pumpkins. Mine is the one with the bleeding eye. The ones above are my Nana’s but I am the one who painted them. They look good, eh?

I know, thank you 🙂

This last month has been amazing, getting ready for Halloween. I talked about it and tried to plan, my parents and I changed it many times. But here we are, at the end of another fine holiday, celebrated Barrie style.

Lest we never forget those that have passed. And lest we never forget the joy and tradition of All Hallows Eve.



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