Lex Barrie


My brother bought me a sketch book last Christmas that helps to open one’s creative mind. It gives you a prompt to draw and then you draw whatever comes to mind. One of my first drawings had the prompt “curly hair”. So I drew a person with a nest on top of their head. Sometimes it gives you people to draw, other times it’s objects.

Now, because it is close to the end of this month, I have decided that I am going to do a challenge. I want to do a drawing challenge using the book my brother gave me. Everyday for the month of November I am going to draw a picture. Okay, so maybe it won’t always hang on the wall, but every once in a while I might hang it here on my blog so be prepared for some real art 😉

Now because this is a late post I will leave it at that. Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.

And now… (distant drum roll please). 

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